Source code for planemo.xml.diff

[docs] def diff(x1, x2, reporter=None): """Return 0 if and only if the XML has the same content.""" compare = xml_compare(x1, x2, reporter) return_val = 0 if compare else 1 return return_val
# From # # with (PSF license)
[docs] def xml_compare(x1, x2, reporter=None): if reporter is None: def reporter(x): return None if x1.tag != x2.tag: reporter(f"Tags do not match: {x1.tag} and {x2.tag}\n") return False for name, value in x1.attrib.items(): if x2.attrib.get(name) != value: reporter("Attributes do not match: %s=%r, %s=%r\n" % (name, value, name, x2.attrib.get(name))) return False for name in x2.attrib.keys(): if name not in x1.attrib: reporter("x2 has an attribute x1 is missing: %s\n" % name) return False if not text_compare(x1.text, x2.text): reporter(f"text: {x1.text!r} != {x2.text!r}\n") return False if not text_compare(x1.tail, x2.tail): reporter(f"tail: {x1.tail!r} != {x2.tail!r}\n") return False return _compare_children(x1, x2, reporter)
def _compare_children(x1, x2, reporter): cl1 = list(x1) cl2 = list(x2) if len(cl1) != len(cl2): reporter("children length differs, %i != %i\n" % (len(cl1), len(cl2))) return False i = 0 for c1, c2 in zip(cl1, cl2): i += 1 if not xml_compare(c1, c2, reporter=reporter): reporter("children %i do not match: %s\n" % (i, c1.tag)) return False return True
[docs] def text_compare(t1, t2): if not t1 and not t2: return True return (t1 or "").strip() == (t2 or "").strip()