planemo.xml package


planemo.xml.diff module

planemo.xml.diff.diff(x1, x2, reporter=None)[source]

Return 0 if and only if the XML has the same content.

planemo.xml.diff.text_compare(t1, t2)[source]
planemo.xml.diff.xml_compare(x1, x2, reporter=None)[source]

planemo.xml.validation module

Module describing abstractions for validating XML content.

class planemo.xml.validation.XsdValidator[source]

Bases: object

Class allowing validation of XML files against XSD schema.

abstract enabled()[source]

Return True iff system has dependencies for this validator.

Return type:


abstract validate(schema_path, target_path)[source]

Validate target_path against schema_path.

Return type:



Return a XsdValidator object based on available dependencies.

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