Source code for planemo.virtualenv

""" Utilities for using virtualenv as library and planemo command.

import os
import sys
from typing import Optional

from galaxy.util.commands import which


[docs] def create_command(virtualenv_path: str, galaxy_python_version: Optional[str] = None) -> str: """If virtualenv is on Planemo's path use it, otherwise use the planemo subcommand virtualenv to create the virtualenv. """ # Create a virtualenv with the selected python version. if galaxy_python_version is None: galaxy_python_version = DEFAULT_PYTHON_VERSION python = which("python%s" % galaxy_python_version) if python: python = os.path.abspath(python) else: python = sys.executable or "python" virtualenv_on_path = which("virtualenv") if virtualenv_on_path: command = [virtualenv_on_path, virtualenv_path, "-p", python] else: command = [python, "-m", "venv", virtualenv_path] return " ".join(command)