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"""Module contains code for the Requirement, Reference and some general functions for training."""

import collections

import oyaml as yaml

[docs] class Requirement: """Class to describe a training requirement.""" def __init__(self, req_type="internal", topic_name="introduction", title=None, tutorials=None, link=None): """Init a Requirement instance.""" self.type = req_type self.topic_name = topic_name self.tutorials = tutorials self.title = title = link
[docs] def init_from_dict(self, metadata): """Init from a dictionary generated by export_to_ordered_dict.""" self.type = metadata["type"] if self.type == "internal": self.topic_name = metadata["topic_name"] if "tutorials" in metadata: self.tutorials = metadata["tutorials"] else: self.title = metadata["title"] if self.type == "external": = metadata["link"]
[docs] def export_to_ordered_dict(self): """Export the requirement into an ordered dictionary.""" req = collections.OrderedDict() req["type"] = self.type if self.type == "internal": req["topic_name"] = self.topic_name if self.tutorials: req["tutorials"] = self.tutorials else: req["title"] = self.title if self.type == "external": req["link"] = return req
[docs] def load_yaml(filepath): """Load the content of a YAML file to a dictionary.""" with open(filepath) as m_file: content = yaml.safe_load(m_file) return content
[docs] def save_to_yaml(content, filepath): """Save a dictionary to a YAML file.""" with open(filepath, "w") as stream: yaml.safe_dump( content, stream, indent=2, default_flow_style=False, default_style="", explicit_start=True, encoding="utf-8", allow_unicode=True, )