Source code for planemo.test.results

"""Describes results.

Is a JSON.

import json
import os

from import error

[docs] class StructuredData: """Abstraction around a simple data structure describing test results.""" def __init__(self, json_path=None, data=None): """Create a :class:`StructuredData` from a JSON file.""" def data_error(): error( "An invalid JSON for structured test result data - " "summary information and planemo reports will be " "incorrect." ) self.json_path = json_path structured_data = {} structured_data_tests = {} if json_path and os.path.exists(json_path) and data is None: try: with open(json_path) as output_json_f: data = json.load(output_json_f) except Exception: data_error() try: structured_data = data structured_data_tests = structured_data["tests"] except Exception: data_error() self.structured_data = structured_data self.structured_data_tests = structured_data_tests structured_data_by_id = {} for test in self.structured_data_tests: structured_data_by_id[test["id"]] = test["data"] self.structured_data_by_id = structured_data_by_id self.has_details = "summary" in structured_data if self.has_details: self.read_summary()
[docs] def update(self): """Write out an updated version of this data structure to supplied json path.""" with open(self.json_path, "w") as out_f: json.dump(self.structured_data, out_f)
[docs] def set_exit_code(self, exit_code): """Set the exit_code for the this test.""" self.structured_data["exit_code"] = exit_code
[docs] def calculate_summary_data_if_needed(self): if "summary" not in self.structured_data: self.calculate_summary_data()
[docs] def calculate_summary_data(self): """Use full details on individual test data to update structured data with summary info.""" num_tests = 0 num_failures = 0 num_skips = 0 num_errors = 0 for test in self.structured_data_tests: test_data = get_dict_value("data", test) status = get_dict_value("status", test_data) num_tests += 1 if status == "skip": num_skips += 1 elif status == "failure": num_failures += 1 elif status == "error": num_errors += 1 elif status != "success": raise Exception("Unknown test status encountered [%s]" % status) summary = {} summary["num_tests"] = num_tests summary["num_failures"] = num_failures summary["num_skips"] = num_skips summary["num_errors"] = num_errors self.structured_data["summary"] = summary self.read_summary()
[docs] def read_summary(self): """Read summary data into properties on this class.""" summary = self.structured_data["summary"] num_tests = summary["num_tests"] num_failures = summary["num_failures"] num_skips = summary["num_skips"] num_errors = summary["num_errors"] self.num_tests = num_tests self.num_problems = num_skips + num_errors + num_failures self.exit_code = self.structured_data.get("exit_code", None)
@property def failed_ids(self): """Find set of IDs for failed tests.""" ids = set() for test_data in self.structured_data_tests: if test_data["data"]["status"] == "success": continue test_case = test_data["id"].replace(".test_toolbox.", ".test_toolbox:") ids.add(test_case) return ids
[docs] def get_dict_value(key, data): """Return data[key] with improved KeyError.""" try: return data[key] except (KeyError, TypeError): raise KeyError(f"No key [{key}] in [{data}]")
__all__ = ( "StructuredData", "get_dict_value", )