planemo.test package

Submodules module

Utilities related to reasoning about test data., target, extra_paths=[])[source]

Check for presence of a target in different artifact directories.

planemo.test.results module

Describes results.

Is a JSON.

class planemo.test.results.StructuredData(json_path=None, data=None)[source]

Bases: object

Abstraction around a simple data structure describing test results.


Use full details on individual test data to update structured data with summary info.

property failed_ids

Find set of IDs for failed tests.


Read summary data into properties on this class.


Set the exit_code for the this test.


Write out an updated version of this data structure to supplied json path.

planemo.test.results.get_dict_value(key, data)[source]

Return data[key] with improved KeyError.

Module contents

Module contains code for testing runnables.

planemo.test.check_output(runnable, output_properties, test_properties, **kwds)[source]

Use galaxy-tool-util to check a test output.

Return a list of strings describing the problems encountered, and empty list indicates no problems were detected.

Currently this will only ever return at most one detected problem because of the way galaxy-tool-util throws exceptions instead of returning individual descriptions - but this may be enhanced in the future.