Source code for planemo.engine.cwltool

"""Module contianing the :class:`CwlToolEngine` implementation of :class:`Engine`."""

from typing import (

from planemo import cwl
from planemo.runnable import RunnableType
from .interface import BaseEngine

[docs] class CwlToolEngine(BaseEngine): """An :class:`Engine` implementation backed by cwltool. More information on cwltool can be found at """ handled_runnable_types = [RunnableType.cwl_tool, RunnableType.cwl_workflow] def _run(self, runnables, job_paths, output_collectors: Optional[List[Callable]] = None): """Run CWL job using cwltool.""" results = [] for runnable, job_path in zip(runnables, job_paths): results.append(cwl.run_cwltool(self._ctx, runnable, job_path, **self._kwds)) return results
__all__ = ("CwlToolEngine",)