Source code for planemo.shed.diff

"""Utilities for calculating effective repository diffs.

Some intelligence is required because the tool shed updates attributes that it
is beneficial to ignore.

import os
import sys
from xml.etree import ElementTree

from planemo.xml import diff

[docs] def diff_and_remove(working, label_a, label_b, f): """Remove tool shed XML files and use a smart XML diff on them. Return 0 if and only if the XML content is the sam after stripping attirbutes the tool shed updates. """ assert label_a != label_b special = ["tool_dependencies.xml", "repository_dependencies.xml"] deps_diff = 0 # Could walk either A or B; will only compare if in same relative location for dirpath, dirnames, filenames in os.walk(os.path.join(working, label_a)): for filename in filenames: if filename in special: a = os.path.join(dirpath, filename) b = os.path.join(working, label_b, os.path.relpath(a, os.path.join(working, label_a))) files_exist = os.path.exists(a) and os.path.exists(b) if files_exist: deps_diff |= _shed_diff(a, b, f) os.remove(a) os.remove(b) return deps_diff
def _shed_diff(file_a, file_b, f=sys.stdout): """Strip attributes the tool shed writes and do smart XML diff. Returns 0 if and only if the XML content is the same after stripping ``tool_shed`` and ``changeset_revision`` attributes. """ xml_a = ElementTree.parse(file_a).getroot() xml_b = ElementTree.parse(file_b).getroot() _strip_shed_attributes(xml_a) _strip_shed_attributes(xml_b) return diff.diff(xml_a, xml_b, reporter=f.write) def _strip_shed_attributes(xml_element): if xml_element.tag == "repository": _remove_attribs(xml_element) for child in xml_element: _strip_shed_attributes(child) def _remove_attribs(xml_element): for attrib in ["changeset_revision", "toolshed"]: if attrib in xml_element.attrib: del xml_element.attrib[attrib] __all__ = ("diff_and_remove",)