Source code for planemo.linters.conda_requirements

"""Ensure requirements are matched in best practice conda channels."""

from planemo.conda import (

lint_tool_types = ["*"]

[docs] def lint_requirements_in_conda(tool_source, lint_ctx): """Check requirements of tool source against best practice Conda channels.""" conda_targets = tool_source_conda_targets(tool_source) if not conda_targets: lint_ctx.warn("No valid package requirement tags found to check against Conda.") return for conda_target in conda_targets: (best_hit, exact) = best_practice_search(conda_target) conda_target_str = conda_target.package if conda_target.version: conda_target_str += "@%s" % (conda_target.version) if best_hit and exact: template = "Requirement [%s] matches target in best practice Conda channel [%s]." message = template % (conda_target_str, best_hit.get("channel")) elif best_hit: template = ( "Requirement [%s] doesn't exactly match available version [%s] in best practice Conda channel [%s]." ) message = template % (conda_target_str, best_hit["version"], best_hit.get("channel")) lint_ctx.warn(message) else: template = "Requirement [%s] doesn't match any recipe in a best practice conda channel [%s]." message = template % (conda_target_str, BEST_PRACTICE_CHANNELS) lint_ctx.warn(message)