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"""Utilities for calling Galaxy scripts."""
import os
import shlex
import string

from galaxy.util.commands import shell

from import (
from planemo.virtualenv import (

# Activate galaxy's virtualenv if present (needed for tests say but not for
# server because does this).
    'if [ -e "$GALAXY_VIRTUAL_ENV" ]; then . "$GALAXY_VIRTUAL_ENV"/bin/activate; '
    'echo "Activated a virtualenv for Galaxy"; echo "$VIRTUAL_ENV"; '
    'else echo "Failed to activate virtualenv."; fi'
    'if [ ! -e "$GALAXY_VIRTUAL_ENV" ]; then $create_virtualenv; echo "Created virtualenv"; fi',
PRINT_VENV_COMMAND = shell_join(
        'if [ -e "$GALAXY_VIRTUAL_ENV" ]; '
        'then echo "Virtual environment directory exists."; '
        'else echo "Virtual environment directory does not exist."; fi'

CACHED_VIRTUAL_ENV_COMMAND = "if [ -d .venv ]; " "then GALAXY_VIRTUAL_ENV=.venv; " "else GALAXY_VIRTUAL_ENV=%s; fi"

[docs]def setup_venv(ctx, kwds): if kwds.get("skip_venv", False): return "" create_template_params = { "create_virtualenv": create_command("$GALAXY_VIRTUAL_ENV", kwds.get("galaxy_python_version")) } return shell_join( locate_galaxy_virtualenv(ctx, kwds), PRINT_VENV_COMMAND if ctx.verbose else None, CREATE_COMMAND_TEMPLATE.safe_substitute(create_template_params), PRINT_VENV_COMMAND if ctx.verbose else None, ACTIVATE_COMMAND, "bash -c 'pwd'" if ctx.verbose else None, "bash -c 'which python'" if ctx.verbose else None, "bash -c 'which pip'" if ctx.verbose else None, "bash -c 'echo $GALAXY_VIRTUAL_ENV'" if ctx.verbose else None, "bash -c 'echo $VIRTUAL_ENV'" if ctx.verbose else None, "bash -c 'ls -a'" if ctx.verbose else None, )
def locate_galaxy_virtualenv(ctx, kwds): if os.environ.get("GALAXY_VIRTUAL_ENV"): venv_command = "" elif not kwds.get("no_cache_galaxy", False): workspace = ctx.workspace galaxy_branch = kwds.get("galaxy_branch") or "master" shared_venv_path = os.path.join(workspace, "gx_venv") galaxy_python_version = kwds.get("galaxy_python_version") or DEFAULT_PYTHON_VERSION shared_venv_path = f"{shared_venv_path}_{galaxy_python_version}" if galaxy_branch != "master": shared_venv_path = f"{shared_venv_path}_{galaxy_branch}" venv_command = CACHED_VIRTUAL_ENV_COMMAND % shlex.quote(shared_venv_path) else: venv_command = UNCACHED_VIRTUAL_ENV_COMMAND return shell_join( venv_command, "export GALAXY_VIRTUAL_ENV", ) def shell_if_wheels(command): """Take a shell command and convert it to shell command that runs only if Galaxy is new enough to use wheels. """ return "$(grep -q 'skip-venv' && %s" % command
[docs]def setup_common_startup_args(): return _set_variable_if_wheels("COMMON_STARTUP_ARGS", "--dev-wheels")
def _set_variable_if_wheels(var, if_wheels_val, else_val=""): var_command = "${var}=${else_val}; " var_command += shell_if_wheels('${var}="${if_wheels_val}"; ') var_command += "export ${var}" var_command += '; echo "Set ${var} to ${${var}}"' return string.Template(var_command).safe_substitute( var=var, if_wheels_val=if_wheels_val, else_val=else_val, )
[docs]def run_galaxy_command(ctx, command, env, action): """Run Galaxy command with informative verbose logging.""" message = f"{action} with command [{command}]" # info not working in pytest+Github actions the way it did in nose? info(message) ctx.vlog("With environment variables:") ctx.vlog("============================") for key, value in env.items(): ctx.vlog(f'{key}="{value}"') ctx.vlog("============================") exit_code = shell(command, env=env) ctx.vlog("run command exited with return code %s" % exit_code) return exit_code
__all__ = ( "setup_venv", "run_galaxy_command", "setup_common_startup_args", )