Source code for planemo.engine.factory

"""Module contains factory method for building class:`Engine` objects."""

import contextlib
from typing import Generator

from planemo.engine.interface import BaseEngine
from .cwltool import CwlToolEngine
from .galaxy import (
from .toil import ToilEngine

UNKNOWN_ENGINE_TYPE_MESSAGE = "Unknown engine type specified [%s]."

[docs] def is_galaxy_engine(**kwds): """Return True iff the engine configured is :class:`GalaxyEngine`.""" engine_type_str = kwds.get("engine", "galaxy") return engine_type_str in ["galaxy", "docker_galaxy", "external_galaxy"]
[docs] def build_engine(ctx, **kwds): """Build an engine from the supplied planemo configuration.""" engine_type_str = kwds.get("engine", "galaxy") if engine_type_str == "galaxy": engine_type = LocalManagedGalaxyEngine elif engine_type_str == "docker_galaxy": engine_type = DockerizedManagedGalaxyEngine elif engine_type_str == "external_galaxy": engine_type = ExternalGalaxyEngine elif engine_type_str == "cwltool": engine_type = CwlToolEngine elif engine_type_str == "toil": engine_type = ToilEngine else: raise Exception(UNKNOWN_ENGINE_TYPE_MESSAGE % engine_type_str) return engine_type(ctx, **kwds)
[docs] @contextlib.contextmanager def engine_context(ctx, **kwds) -> Generator[BaseEngine, None, None]: """A :func:`contextlib.contextmanager` engine builder for use with ``with`` statements. """ engine = None try: engine = build_engine(ctx, **kwds) yield engine finally: if engine is not None: engine.cleanup()
__all__ = ( "is_galaxy_engine", "build_engine", "engine_context", )