Project Governance

This document informally outlines the organizational structure governing the Planemo code base hosted at This governance extends to code-related activities of this repository such as releases and packaging and related Planemo projects such planemo-machine. This governance does not include any other Galaxy-related projects belonging to the galaxyproject organization on GitHub.

Benevolent Dictator for Now (BDFN)

John Chilton (@jmchilton) is the benevolent dictator for now (BDFN) and is solely responsible for setting project policy. The BDFN is responsible for maintaining the trust of the developer community and so should be consistent and transparent in decision making processes and request comment and build consensus whenever possible.

The BDFN position only exists because the developers of the project believe it is currently too small to support full and open governance at this time. In order to keep things evolving quickly, it is better to keep procedures and process to a minimum and centralize important decisions with a trusted developer. The BDFN is explicitly meant to be replaced with a more formal and democratic process if the project grows to a sufficient size or importance.

The committers group is the group of trusted developers and advocates who manage the Planemo code base. They assume many roles required to achieve the project’s goals, especially those that require a high level of trust.

The BDFN will add committers as he or she see fits, usually after a few successful pull requests. Committers may commit directly or merge pull requests at their discretion, but everyone (including the BDFN) should open pull requests for larger changes.

In order to encourage a shared sense of ownership and openness, any committer may decide at any time to request a open governance model for the project be established and the BDFN must replace this informal policy with a more formal one and work with the project committers to establish a consensus on these procedures.


  • Dannon Baker (@dannon)

  • Bérénice Batut (@bebatut)

  • Martin Cech (@martenson)

  • John Chilton (@jmchilton)

  • Peter Cock (@peterjc)

  • Björn Grüning (@bgruening)

  • Helena Rasche (@hexylena)

  • Nicola Soranzo (@nsoranzo)

  • Marius van den Beek (@mvdbeek)