lint commandΒΆ

This section is auto-generated from the help text for the planemo command lint. This help message can be generated with planemo lint --help.


planemo lint [OPTIONS] TOOL_PATH


Check for common errors and best practices. Options:

--report_level [all|warn|error]
--report_xunit PATH             Output an XUnit report, useful for CI testing
--fail_level [warn|error]
-s, --skip TEXT                 Comma-separated list of lint tests to skip
                                (e.g. passing --skip 'citations,xml_order'
                                would skip linting of citations and best-
                                practice XML ordering.
--xsd / --no_xsd                Include tool XSD validation in linting
-r, --recursive                 Recursively perform command for
--urls                          Check validity of URLs in XML files
--doi                           Check validity of DOIs in XML files
--conda_requirements            Check tool requirements for availability in
                                best practice Conda channels.
--biocontainer, --biocontainers
                                Check best practice BioContainer namespaces
                                for a container definition applicable for this
--help                          Show this message and exit.