Source code for planemo.engine.test

from planemo.engine import engine_context
from planemo.galaxy import galaxy_config
from planemo.galaxy.config import _find_test_data
from planemo.galaxy.test import (
from planemo.runnable import (

[docs]def test_runnables(ctx, runnables, original_paths=None, **kwds): """Return exit code indicating test or failure.""" engine_type = kwds["engine"] test_engine_testable = {RunnableType.galaxy_tool, RunnableType.galaxy_datamanager,} enable_test_engines = any(r.type not in test_engine_testable for r in runnables) enable_test_engines = enable_test_engines or engine_type != "galaxy" if enable_test_engines: ctx.vlog("Using test engine type %s" % engine_type) with engine_context(ctx, **kwds) as engine: test_data = engine.test(runnables) ctx.vlog("engine.test returning [%s]" % test_data) return_value = handle_reports_and_summary(ctx, test_data.structured_data, kwds=kwds) else: ctx.vlog("Running traditional Galaxy tool tests using in Galaxy root %s" % engine_type) kwds["for_tests"] = True if kwds.get("update_test_data"): non_copied_runnables = for_paths(original_paths) kwds["test_data_target_dir"] = _find_test_data(non_copied_runnables, **kwds) with galaxy_config(ctx, runnables, **kwds) as config: return_value = run_in_config(ctx, config, **kwds) return return_value